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Guaranteed Loan Program for Single-Family Homes

What Is the Purpose of This Program?

In eligible rural areas, the Section 502 Guaranteed Loan Program helps approved lenders give low- and moderate-income households the chance to own a suitable, modest, decent, safe, and hygienic primary residence. 100% financing is available to qualified applicants for the purchase, construction, rehabilitation, improvement, or relocation of a home in a rural area. To lower the risk of making 100% loans to qualified rural homebuyers, the program offers approved lenders a 90% loan note guarantee! For those who qualify, this means no money down!

For This Program, Who May Apply?

Candidates Need To:

Obtain income eligibility (no more than 115% of the median household income).

Accept to live there as their primary residence on a personal basis.

Hold the status of a qualified alien, U.S. citizen, or non-citizen national.

What Qualifies as a Rural Area?

You can use this USDA Eligibility Site to review general eligible areas by searching the map or entering a specific address. 

Why Does This Happen in Rural Development?

With the aid of this program, lenders can work with low- and moderate-income rural households to help them achieve homeownership. Offering opportunities for affordable homeownership fosters prosperity, which builds vibrant communities and raises the standard of living in rural areas. 

How Can I Submit an Application?

Interested parties can apply for a USDA Rural Development Section 502 Guaranteed Loan through their network of approved lenders. You can also get in touch with these approved lenders with any queries or situations you would like looked through for potential eligibility.

The SFHGLP team works hard to maintain this list of active lenders, and it is searchable by state. This list includes current participating lenders for the Single Close Construction-to-Permanent Loan program if that’s what you’re looking for.

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USDA Rural Development does not recommend any particular lenders in the private sector. We advise you to shop around for the best deal and financial options available by comparing rates offered by different lenders. Your chosen approved lender will manage the complete loan application procedure, collaborating with Rural Development personnel to guarantee your loan through the organization.

How Might Money Be Put To Use?

Funds from the USDA Section 502 Guaranteed Loan may be utilized for:

To be used as a permanent residence, or residential property, either new or old. Structures can be manufactured, modular, attached, detached, or part of a PUD. (It cannot be a source of revenue). Closing fees and customary/reasonable costs related to the purchase might be included in the deal.

  • A location where a house is either new or old. No restrictions on acres. 
  • Repairs and renovations connected to the acquisition of an existing home
  • Refinancing of qualified loans—only available to current USDA borrowers

Essential home appliances like wall-to-wall carpeting, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and air conditioning and heating units, provided they are transported with the house costs associated with site preparation, such as grading, planting foundations, seeding, or installing sod driveways, walkways, fences, and trees.

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What Prerequisites Exist for Credit?

Although there are no credit score requirements for the program, applicants must show that they are willing and able to manage their debt. 

What Are the Prices?

Interest rates differ and are set by each lender.  We advise you to compare rates from different lenders to select the greatest deal.

Which Terms Are These?

Only 30-year fixed rate USDA Section 502 Guaranteed Loans are available.


Homeowners participating in the Single-Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program are not directly provided with workout plans by USDA Rural Development.  We strongly advise any customer who has a guaranteed loan and needs assistance to get in touch with their mortgage servicing lender right away to find out if they qualify for any possible work-out options.  Workout options include but are not limited to, Pre-foreclosure sales, Loan Modification, Special Loan Servicing, Informal Forbearance, and Special Forbearance.  You can usually find the servicing lender’s customer service number on your mortgage statement or online at their website.

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